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     Before forming a separate company “Benjapala Co., Ltd.” to specially handle compressor business, Onet International Co., Ltd obtained dealership for distribution of genuine SANDEN compressors for Thailand market.

     Our value customers can be sure that your purchased compressor is genuine by noticing a change in the label.  With the new enxure label using a unique nano-technology fingerprint in the form of a magnetic strip, combined with a barcode, the compressor can be authenticated at our distributors’ outlets where the magnetic strip/barcode will be scanned with an immediate readout.

     In order to further help customers differentiate genuine Sanden compressors
from counterfeit compressors, an embossed Sanden logo will appear on the cylinder block.


For more information about our genuine Sanden products, please provide us with your information and requirements as follows:

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Onet International Co., Ltd.
615 Jitt-Uthai Building 8th Fl., Ramkhamhaeng Road,Huamark, Bangkapi, Bangkok 10240 THAILAND
Telephone:(662) 7363447, Facsimile:(662) 7363448, E-mail:info@onet.co.th