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     Onet International Co., Ltd represents various leading heat exchanger manufacturers with facilities to provide almost all designs of evaporator coils and condensers such as Fin-and-tube, Serpentine, Parallel Flow and Laminate etc. for any applications ranging from automobile or car air conditioning, truck refrigerating, industrial air conditioning to room air conditioning and more.


Automobile / Car Airconditioning

Fin-and-tube Evaporator Coil


Fin-and-tube Condenser


Serpentine Condenser


Parallel Flow Condenser


Fluid Coolers 


For Truck Refrigeration and industrial equipments



 Water Coils


For Heating and Cooling Units



Room Air Conditioner


Evaporator Coils


Conderser Coils


Coils for various applications 

Freezer and showcase




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