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     Onet International Co., Ltd represents various leading heat exchanger manufacturers with facilities to provide almost all designs of evaporator coils and condensers such as Fin-and-tube, Serpentine, Parallel Flow and Laminate etc. for any applications ranging from automobile or car air conditioning, truck refrigerating, industrial air conditioning to room air conditioning and more.

     MULTILATOR – the world’s flattest rooftop ventilator – has been professionally designed by our affiliated company “Multi Air Design BV. (Netherlands)”.

Slim and strong

- Aerodynamic design
- Lowest air resistance
- Light weight, flat in shape and made of the world-class materials and components
- Big air volume
- Strong for any weather conditions

Blowing & Suction
- Multilator rooftop ventilator can either suck the hot air out or blow the fresh air into the vehicle.  
   A simple 2-way switch provides the function


The easiest classic way to have air either in or out

- Multilator is reliable and easy-to-install, has a minimal number of components and mounthig points
- Additional ventilation to freshen up the interior of your vehicle

Applicable to a variety of vehicles

- Multilator is applicable to a variety of vehicles such as mini bus, animal transport, public transport, ambulance, etc..

- Multilator can be applied as a temperature  regulator or moisture regulator

Accessories available

- Using Multilator, no worry of the supply of accessories that are always available; i.e. on/off switch, 2-position switch (blowing/suction), speed control, etc..




Roof Opening 228 mm 258 mm
Height 63 mm 70 mm
Voltage 12/24 V.(DC) 12/24 V.(DC)
Watt 80 W 80 W
Air Volume
Suction : 350 m3
Blowing : 420 m3
Suction : 650 m3
Blowing : 580 m3
Top Cover ABS ABS
Top Cover Base Nylon (6 PCS) ABS
Fan Frame Polypropylene + Fiber ABS
Fan Blade Polypropylene   190 mm Polypropylene   255 mm
Rooftop Vent. Frame Aluminum ABS
Electric Motor Flat (Pancake) motor Flat (Pancake) motor
Weight 1.6 Kg 1.6 Kg
Air Flow Blowing / suction Blowing / suction


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